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Rep. Friske Joins Freedom Caucus

Rep. Neil Friske, MI-107, has been sworn in and become an active participant in the Michigan Freedom Caucus!

The MFC has eight members, and they all voted "no" to Rep. Joe Tate, a Detroit Democrat, becoming Speaker of the House. Unfortunately the eight paid a price for their principled position - they were given few or no committee assignments. Neil will serve on only the Families, Children, and Seniors Committee. He wanted a spot on Appropriations.

"I feel completely disrespected that my voice has been actively diminished due to the Democratic-majority choosing partisanship over collaboration," Friske stated.

We appreciate Rep. Friske's principled vote and wonder why all those other House Republicans voted for the Democrat?

If you'd like to send the rep a message of support, go here.

Photo: Facebook; Neil with Boyne City wrestler Tim Bowman in Lansing



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