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Race for Governor Debate Not Very Inclusive

WoodTV8 is hosting a Republican primary gubernatorial debate on channel 8 and online ( tonight which begins at 7 p.m.

Note the four candidates, on the left, the station is hawking. Note that the Rev. Rebandt has not been invited, altho he made the ballot.

According to Nexstar (Wood's parent company) "guidelines," candidates must have garnered 5% in recent polling to be invited. Rev. Ralph, according to WoodTV 8, did not make the cut.

It all sounds arbitrary and unfair. It's also ironic that the candidate with the strongest Christian message is getting censored.

This rule might have made sense when there was over a dozen folks running. But it makes no sense due to the fact that there's only five legit candidates and the so-called leaders are only polling at 15%.

If you think Ralph Rebandt should have been invited, please contact the station at 616.456.8888.



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