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Questioning Disinformation Trafficked by Health Care, INC.

This past Monday, a special meeting of the Board of Health of Northwest Michigan was held.

If you missed it, please watch the video. Of interest to ERG were the public comments. There was the usual palaver from the pro-status quo crowd asking for resignations, complaining about invocations, demanding redundant grants, babbling about racism, bleh, bleh, bleh.

But there was plenty of pushback from northern MI individuals who are questioning the misinformation and disinformation that has been circulated by the health care bureaucrats, (for several years now) which in many cases have destroyed life not prolonged it. As one meeting commentator put it, 'Who are you going to believe? Dr. Fauci or Dr. Google? Or are they both the same?'

It's quite bracing to listen to these friends of liberty using their 1A right and doing their due diligence especially when it involved the nutrition grant (the bulk of which goes to administrative costs). May their tribe increase!



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