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Protect Childhood Innocence resolution passed by Ottawa County

Last night, in a bold move, the Ottawa County Board of Commissioners, by a vote of 9-2, passed the Resolution to Protect Childhood Innocence (pictured). It's purpose is to take a stand against the ever-increasing and alarming exposure of children to inappropriate "sexualized behaviors."

Among the 'whereas planks' in the resolution was one directed at county resources and staff: "No county staff or resources shall be allocated to activities, programs, events, content, or institutions which support, normalize, or encourage the sexualization of children and youth."

This plank was influenced by OC health dept. staff attending a PRIDE bacchanalia in Grand Haven (and one in Holland).

The resolution closes by encouraging communities to "promote the good and the honorable to children."

It's sooooo ironic to witness a unit of government displaying more moral backbone than, say, a church. Make that "church." TY, Ottawa 9!

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