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Pro-Life Booth at County Fair

The Emmet-Charlevoix County Fair is not only a fun time of the year to take in carnival rides and 4-H projects, it's also an opportunity to showcase local organizations. Pictured are Jim and Mary Kucharski, the president and vice-president (respectively) of the Emmet County Right to Life chapter who set up an eye-catching booth that champions an admirable cause.

The Emmet County Republican Party are also represented at the fair this year. The ECRP held a poll (asking visitors to their tent) who their choice for the next president is - Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis, or Kristi Noem were the "nominees."

Congrats to those who seize the moment and use even a county fair as a platform to educate and inform the public.


1 Comment

Aug 25, 2022

That's great! I'll be sure to stop by both booths when my family goes to the fair tomorrow!

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