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Privileged Democrat Family Poses as Les Misérables

Democrat Hillary Scholten is running against Republican John Gibbs in the Third Congressional District.

As candidates are wont to do, both have recently released campaign commercials. Gibbs' TV ad features his mom. It's adorable!

Meanwhile, in her ad, Scholten makes the argument that her small family is struggling financially. "With things so expensive," her son is shown wearing duct-taped footwear. Duct-taped! There's also an embargo on air conditioning in the household due to rising energy costs.

The Washington Free Beacon did some digging, as media is supposed to do, and discovered that the situation was not that bleak in Casa Scholten. Not even close. Writes the WFB: "Scholten netted more than $200,000 last year working as an immigration attorney for a Grand Rapids-area law firm, according to a Washington Free Beacon review of her financial disclosure forms. Her family's total income was likely far higher given her husband scored consulting fees from two nonprofits, on top of his salary as a professor at a local university."

(Jesse Holcomb, the candidate's husband, teaches journalism at Calvin College.)

And this little gem: "The Free Beacon in April reported that Scholten failed to provide health coverage for her campaign staff. Scholten has called health care a 'human right.' "

Gibbs notes on his Twitter account that, as a lobbyist, HS also fought for more illegal immigration.

One can only hope that any common-sense voters of MI-03 aren't bamboozled by this shameless grift.



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