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Petoskey: Homeschool Freedom Forum

There's been some buzz over efforts from a busybody Democrat lawmaker to create a homeschool registry in Michigan to 'make students safer.' There's no evidence that such a registry would do anything but be an infringement of parental rights.

It would, also, unnecessarily tweak Michigan's excellent homeschool law.

Besides MI's public schools are hardly keeping it together went it comes to "safety."

As Jarrett Skorup notes: " ... there were 659 violent crimes and 1,396 expulsions in Michigan’s public schools, many of which were severe incidents. In the meantime, more than three-quarters of students in Michigan’s largest public school system, in Detroit, are chronically absent. And fewer than 30% of students statewide score proficient or above on the national test, meaning the public education system the state oversees isn’t doing well.

If lawmakers and bureaucrats want to improve student safety, educational achievement and reduce truancy, there is a lot of work to do with the kids who are already registered with the state — and attending the public school system ... Instead, they talk of going after homeschool families, the vast majority of whom are doing a much better job at providing a positive learning environment than the one government does."

ERG couldn't have said it better. And we note that the registry discussion now includes adding faith-based private schools to the mix.

If you have a 'dog in this fight,' or just want information about government overreach, please consider attending next week's forum. Flyer pictured.


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Feb 19

I have friends who homeschool because they believe the public schools are too liberal, and friends who homeschool because they feel the public schools are too conservative! I’d love to be a fly on the wall at one of their meetings!

The truth is our public schools aren’t liberal or conservative. School is skills, facts, and analysis.

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