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Pellston School Millage Fails

From IPR: "Voters kept their wallets closed when it came to funding the construction of a new field house for Pellston Public Schools this week ... According to unofficial results posted on the [Emmet] county’s website, 315 votes were for yes, and 545 votes were for no.

The proposal was also on the ballot for Burt Township in Cheboygan County. It failed with 119 yes votes and 139 no votes, according to unofficial results."

The field house would have doubled as a de facto community rec center. But who knows? Petoskey school officials, for example, said, pre-construction, that the lavish $14 million stadium/running track would, also, be open to the community. In reality, it's always locked when not in use by the students and school staff. No jogging ever encouraged on that track by the public.

So, have local rural voters' appetite for pretentious extracurricular 'stuff,' in tough economic times waned? If so, can't say we blame them for voting 'NO' on another tax increase.

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