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Oink, Oink, Oink

The recently-passed Michigan state budget, a greedy $77 billion, includes $1 billion in pork projects.

  • $30 million for an amphitheater in Grand Rapids.

  • $28 million for two unspecified business incubators.

  • $11 million for a Grand Rapids museum.

  • $7 million for a Traverse City senior center.

  • $5 million for Midland Community Center.

  • $2.7 million for a Jackson theater.

  • $2 million for the Traverse City Curling Club.

  • $1 million for EV chargers.

As of this writing, no tax cuts have been proposed.

Candidates Scheel, Fairbairn, Friske, Laughbaum, Carr, Damoose, Cole, Hindle, Ranville - what say you about this budget? Concerned Northern Michigan voters would like to know. Please use social media to communicate your thoughts.



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