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Of Mice Not Men

Last night the Emmet County Commissioners voted, unanimously, to apply for a federal grant known as CHILL or the Housing Improving Local Livability. It was a 3-part vote which included supporting the [discriminatory] resolution pictured.

ERG wonders: Does no commissioner support the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment?

If awarded, the $300,000 grant will siphon off $54,000 for administrative fees to the Northwest Michigan Community Action Agency (NMCAA) .

Don't believe the hype about this being 'taxpayer dollars that are coming back to us.' The vast, vast majority of taxpayers in Emmet County won't see this money. It's a 'taking from the many to benefit the few' scheme. That is, if the NMCAA can even identify candidates to distribute it to.

Here's a letter that an ERG founder sent to the commissioners before the vote.

Gentlemen, the resolution before you tonight to be in compliance with CHILL is harmful to our community in at least 2 important aspects:

1) It denies property owners their 'basic human right' to enter into property contracts with people of their choosing, and  forces them to contract with people they would prefer not to, such as unmarried couples living together.

2) It promotes the socialistic practice of taking money from the taxpayers and using it to provide housing for others, who may or may not work and/or pay taxes - a clear redistribution of wealth (in other words, socialism).

I strongly urge you to vote against the resolution and not be party to this property rights violation and advancement of socialism.  Please be chill on the CHILL resolution.  


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Feb 06

The Emmet County Commissioners have the correct perspective. ERG you are wrong.

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