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None Dare Call it Socialism

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

Due to ERG's commitment to championing responsible government, we are pleased that at last night's Emmet County Board of Commissioners' special meeting, no action was taken toward codifying a Transit Authority. TA's, after all, have a troubling reputation for not being accountable to taxpayers.

However, we are vexed that the motion made by Commissioner Charlie MacInnis, as noted by UpNorthLive, passed:

“ 'Move that the board of commissioners direct the county administrator to develop a plan to expand public transit services in Emmet County using existing outside transit providers. And allocate ARPA funds for the next five years not to exceed $450,000 dollars for that purpose.'

That motion, which included a workgroup made up of transit stakeholders like the Little Traverse Bay Band and the Friendship Center, was put before the board."

By a 5 to 2 vote, the Board voted to increase the supply of transit, and still, no one has convincingly proven that there is a demand that is not being met. In fact, it is clear to those paying attention, that the current supply is greater than the demand.

Look at all the other transportation providers in the County besides Straits Regional Ride:

We can only hope that going forward, the next Board of Commissioners will squelch this expansion of, not only transit, but other socialist programs that are not mandated county services.

We also thank Mr. Herb Friske for pointing out last night (view YouTube) that providing and subsidizing transit is not the proper role of government.

In fact, it is a form of legal plunder to force county residents to pay for someone's else 'cheap' ride. As Frederic Bastiat put it, "The state is the great fiction by which everybody tries to live at the expense of everybody else."

Note: To listen to the audio of last night's meeting, which included many public comments, go here.


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27 dic 2022

Hum, fewer vehicles on the road saves taxpayers money in road use repairs, traffic pains, accidents, health costs of pollution, etc. Folks can stay independent longer which is a value to most citizens although not one we can easily say saves money. You gentlemen are confused as to the definition of Socialism. Socialism has a specific definition. It is an economic system where government owns key industries. Don't feel too bad, folks misuse the term all the time - drives me crazy.

Me gusta

Dixon Harvey Dudderar
Dixon Harvey Dudderar
04 oct 2022

Public transit is “socialism?”

Me gusta
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