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No Room at the Capitol for Christian, Heterosexual Patriots

MI State Senator Jeremy Moss, who is "openly gay," posted a video on his X account celebrating PRIDE month. He is shown prancing and posturing with MI Attorney General Dana Nessel who is also "openly gay."

While flag waving, inside the MI Capitol building, with Moss, the AG broadcasts this message: "No matter who you love. How you identify. Or how you express yourself. You have a place, here, in Michigan."

Hogwash. Back in March of 2023, Rep. Neil Friske and another Freedom Caucus House member tried to bring American flags onto the House floor and were denied the opportunity by the Midwest Fascists in government.

Here's the Facebook post:

By now, most informed patriots are well aware there are two Americas. Friske's America and flag represent free speech, the Moss-Nessel model represents free speech for me, but not for thee. Proceed with eyes wide open.



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