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Never Forget: Memorial Day

Updated: May 27

Major Jon Turnbull, of Gaylord, authored a book (with his wife, Samantha) that honors his three fellow soldiers who lost their lives in an ISIS suicide bombing in Manbij, Syria in 2019. Jon, himself, nearly died in that bombing. But after twenty-two surgeries, coding three times, and spending two years at Walter Reed, God had other plans.

Jon lost his vision but not his exuberant spirit. The photo of Jon is a screenshot from a commercial he and his family did for the great Tunnel to Towers foundation. He also serves, with distinction, as an Otsego County commissioner and on the board of the Health Dept. of Northwest MI (alongside reps from Emmet County).

Consider obtaining a copy of the Major's book, Zero Percent Chance, as a way of thanking him for his service and sacrifice. And, FYI, among his fallen teammates was Shannon Kent, the late wife of Joe Kent, who is running for Congress in Washington state.

The book is sold at Amazon, as well as at West Bow Press.

Happy Memorial Day. Always remember!



May 27



Lou Zako
Lou Zako
May 26

An excellent post! Thank you for reminding us what Memorial Day is all about.

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