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National Guard Base Expansion: No Thanks

Whether it's on environmental grounds, transparency grounds, or government overreach grounds, there's strong opposition to the massive expansion of the Camp Grayling Joint Maneuver Training Center in Grayling, MI.

Northern Michigan elected officials from Ken Borton to Jack Bergman to John Roth to John Damoose to Cam Cavitt are among those vocalizing their concerns about the proposed 162,000-acre base expansion. To date, 61 units of government have passed resolutions also expressing their concerns.

The Dept of Natural Resources has to approve "whether to lease, at no cost for 20 years enough adjacent state land to more than double the size of Camp Grayling." That's way too much power for one agency of unelected bureaucrats.

UpNorthLive recently asked Gov. Gretchen Whitmer for a comment on Camp Grayling.

Quote: "We've got to come up with a solution that both acknowledges the need for national security, but also to preserve and protect our natural resources."


ERG urges the Emmet County Board of Commissioners to also pass a resolution taking a stand against increasing the 'footprint' of the military industrial complex in our beautiful north country.



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