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ERG Attends MIGOP Convention

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

This past weekend the MIGOP held it's August nominating convention in Lansing.

Here's an overall report from MLIVE, but you, the reader, will have to ignore words like "infighting," and "chaos." The mainstream media created a 'brawl' among Republicans just because the convention lasted longer than scheduled to sort out the Macomb County business. (Read this article for an explanation about that party politics "stuff.")

Emmet County folks who are affiliated with ERG were in attendance at the convention. They report that the grassroots, America First delegates had a louder voice than the more establishment voting delegates. (Yes!) To that end the choice of Tudor Dixon's pick for lieutenant governor, conservative Shane Hernandez, prevailed. Pastor Ralph Rebandt had hoped that the delegates would not give the nod to Hernandez, and, instead, pick him for lite guv nominee. But not meant to be for the reverend.

Now the real "fight" for votes and donations begins. These candidates have much work to do before November 8th to git 'er done.



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