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MI State Senator Exposes CCP Spy Recruitment

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

State Senator Jim Runestad, who represents the 15th District, was interviewed by David Zhang of the The Epoch Times last month. He warns that the Chinese Communist Party is openly engaging in espionage in his district. He learned this from speaking to [terrified] members of the Chinese-American community, working in sophisticated engineering jobs, who he met at public events and who are being threatened if they did not agree to become spies for the CCP.

The concerned Senator informed the FBI with - you guessed it - no results. He was told, instead, to contact local law enforcement. "They're [CCP] recruiting spies in the United States, and our own government seems not to care," stated a frustrated Runestad.

Go here, and scroll down to March 19 to see the video of his interview.



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