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MI: Poor Man's Massachusetts?

As evidenced by Wednesday's State of the State of the Address, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer will continue to champion infanticide (under the guise of reproductive rights).

It's not enough that Proposal 3 enshrined abortion in the Michigan constitution, Whitmer said she would go after nearby Midwestern states due to their laws championing the preborn.

Quote: "I'll go to any state that restricts people's freedoms and win business and hardworking people from them. I'm looking at you, Ohio and Indiana."

Not so fast, Governor.

The truth is that Michigan's population dropped again for the second consecutive year, according to the Detroit Free Press. And CapCon reported that Michigan was the "fifth most-left state in 2022."

“I hope this won’t be a repeat of 2000s when Michigan bled its people to opportunity states like Florida and Texas,” says Michael LaFaive, senior director of fiscal policy at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy.

No doubt extreme lockdowns played a role in the exodus.

At this rate, Michigan, not a donor state, stands to be a poor man's Massachusetts. The wealthy Bay State is famous for its restrictive gun laws and permissive abortion protocols.

Meanwhile, there are many patriots in Emmet County who will continue to champion the cause of life and protecting the preborn, as the Governor blathers about the Buckeye State.

See the great billboard pictured which is near the Subaru dealership on US 31.


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Jan 27, 2023

I love that billboard!

It's heartbreaking that so many in Michigan see abortion as a good thing - a right up there with freedom of speech. 😞

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