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MI Media Outlet 'Publishes' Election Results

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Whoops! UPNorthLive and a CBS affiliate were caught posting the results of the Michigan primary election WHICH HAS NOT YET OCCURRED!

Take a look at the results here. Some of the numbers/percentages are soooo not credible.

The Gateway Pundit, a popular conservative blog, contacted Channel 3/WWMT TV about the premature outcome. One Brian Lupo stated that an affiliate "is testing our election system."

Really. What affiliate, as the Pundit asks?

Note how Tudor Dixon wins with 47% of the vote. (More likely the numbers for her will be in the 30s.)

Update: The numbers have been tweaked, since this story broke. All reset at 0. 'Nother Update: The chart is gone.



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