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MI is Officially a Banana Republic

Yesterday, Lansing lawmakers were handed a 300+ page bloated, greedy, ginormous 82 billion dollar budget. Quicker than you can say "Hugo Chavez," it passed.

With a stroke of the pen, the let-them-eat-cake Governess will sign the budget.

ERG draws your attention to one very small portion of the budget (pictured) - the 10 million dollars it will cost to install 2,000 ballot drop boxes. Hmmm. That's at the cost of $5000 per box.

Of course a champagne celebration was in order to mark this new era in irresponsible governance.

John Damoose voted for this economic debacle. Natch. Neil Friske did not. Natch.

We leave you with this commentary from Sen. Jim Runestad.

"In just six months, Democrats have successfully plundered the pockets of Michigan taxpayers, burning through the state's $9 billion budget surplus on an unsuitable spending spree of pet projects, favored corporate handouts and big government. They have done this behind closed doors, in the dark, unashamed, and unaccountable. While Santa Whitmer and her legislative elves empty the vaults and max out the credit cards to party like it's Christmas in June, the ghost of Christmas future is waiting nearby to collect on the tab. And who will be left to pay? The Michigan taxpayers who cannot afford it, that's who.

"I cannot and will not support such wasteful and irresponsible spending. Instead, I will continue to push forward on my legislation to require more transparency, oversight and accountability in the governmental process in the hope that future Michigan lawmakers might think twice before squandering other people's money."



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