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MI House Lawmaker: Impeach Dana Nessel

Yesterday, MI House Rep. Jim DeSana, who represents the 29th District (Monroe and Wayne counties), and Michigan House Freedom Caucus members introduced articles of impeachment against MI Attorney General Dana Nessel.

Rep. Jim DeSana stated that Nessel “has violated her oath of office and has acted in a corrupt manner.”

Quote: “We believe that 56 members voting to impeach Attorney General Nessel is a very realistic possibility.”

According to The Midwesterner, DeSana called upon Speaker of the House Rep. Joseph Tate to bring the articles of impeachment to the House floor or 'choose to be complicit with the attorney general in her corruption and thus indict himself in the same corruption.' ”

Here's the resolution which details the complaints against her including "bringing felony charges against individuals who she has indicated do not have the requisite specific intent to have committed the crimes charged." The latter is a reference to the MI-16 GOP presidential electors.



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