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MI Democrats Pushing for Driver's Licenses for Illegal Aliens

Lansing Leftists micromanage responsible gun ownership for 'safety' reasons, but have no problem shunning rule of law in order for illegal aliens to drive a car.

Yesterday, MI State Senator Stephanie Chang (pictured), was part of a press conference at which she claimed that Democrats now have the votes to "reverse a 2008 Michigan law that limited driver licenses ... to residents who establish they are 'legally present' in the United States. Instead, applicants [for a license] could use other documents to prove their residency including a home utility bill or rental agreement."

Chang, et al, is partnering with Drive Michigan Forward, the Michigan Catholic Conference, We the People Michigan, and Big AG.

The change in the status quo could result in 55,000 new licenses for individuals who are in violation of US Code 8 13 25.

Here's a very good editorial on why giving licenses to the undocumented is both a national security and public safety threat.

And here's the very sad story of Dustin Inman, a teenager who lost his life, due to being killed (in a car accident) by Gonzalo Harrell-Gonzalez. Note: Gonzalez "was able to obtain a valid North Carolina driver’s license using his Mexican birth certificate and a Mexican Matricula Consular ID card."


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13 avr. 2023

Thank you for including a file photo of the sponsoring Michigan legislator; this makes it a lot easier to visualize the type of people (young, nonwhite, female, liberal) who are making policy in Lansing which we may object to. The accurate, relevant, objective reporting from FAIR and Dustin Inman Society are also helpful in educating us to understand the complexity of these issues before us.


Lou Zako
Lou Zako
13 avr. 2023

Very sad, but predictable. Elections have consequences, as Obama once said. Now that the Democrats control both the governorship and both houses of the Legislature, as well as a majority on the Michigan supreme court, they can and will do as they please, whether it is good or bad for Michigan citizens.

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