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MI-01 Votes for Kristina Karamo

Updated: Feb 19

This past weekend the MIGOP held their state convention in Lansing to elect a new party chair to replace the outgoing chair, Ron Weiser.

After three rounds of voting, by the 2000+ delegates, a victoress emerged from the crowded field of candidates - Kristina Karamo - who ran for Secretary of State and championed election integrity.

Emmet County's Bob Wiley, who attended the convention as an alternate delegate and served as an 'official' observer, wrote: "In District 1, Kristina won on the first ballot by 4 votes over [Matt] DePerno. On the second ballot she beat DePerno by 11 votes. On the third and final vote, she won by 23 votes, in District 1.

So went District 1, so went the convention vote ... Kristina beat DePerno by 16% points.

I am very happy for Kristina that she had a decisive victory. This signals a clear changing of the guard in the Republican Party. Hallelujah!!!"

Here's WoodTV capturing a portion of Kristina's fiery nominating speech. (Dr. Wiley appears at around the 2:40 mark.)

Congratulations to Kristina and the rest of the team who have much work to do in the coming months to rebuild and fundraise. We wish them well!

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