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Mama Bear Creates a Safe Space

Kathy Brower (pictured) is the founder of a Christian homeschool lending library located in Emmet County above a warehouse. The vibe is gritty but cozy and neat. Very 2024.

The Shelia Jean Living Books Library has over 3000 titles of books published between 1940-1970. So no Gender Queer, et. al. But plenty of solid history books and Hardy boys and Charlotte Mason. And this gem.

The little library that could also offers a creative writing class for teens.

Brava, Kathy for offering a privately-funded safe space to families who are eager for an alternative to the Library Industrial Complex.



Jan 20

Way to go, Kathy! These "Living Books" are a special treasure that modern libraries are slowly weeding out as they are replaced by newer publications. I'm so happy to have access to them here in Petoskey ❤️


Jan 18

Any place where folks can be with books is a good place. But, you are being silly about public libraries. Public libraries are very important and very wonderful - especially the Petoskey Library!!

PS: Is Kathy Brower related to Jo Brower? Jo Brower was my Sunday School teacher and I’m quite sure she would not feel it necessary to keep us out of the public library.

Feb 14
Replying to

The public library has LGBT…. classes as well as other “educationally” explicit books and functions.

In other words, it is the Speakeasy of the sexually explicit inventory of social liberalism and they don’t hide it very well.


Lou Zako
Lou Zako
Jan 18

May God bless Kathy Brower.

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