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Librarian Outed for Misrepresenting Involvement in Pride March

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Last night at the Bear Creek Township

Board meeting, Trustee Joe Hoffman had an illuminating exchange with Val Meyerson, Petoskey District Library director.

Ms. Meyerson claimed that 'the Library' had not "marched" in the recent LGBTQ Pride March held in downtown Petosky.

Trustee Hoffman disagreed and offered credible evidence to the contrary including a quote, by Ms. Meyerson, in the Petoskey News-Review. ERG shot video of the pair's exchange.

Here's Ms. Meyerson saying the library "did not march." Now here's Mr. Hoffman calmly explaining that the library director told the newspaper that "we will be marching." He also talks about the "free" young-adult-centric, pro-LGBTQ books that were offered for the Pride event, as well as the t-shirts and rainbow flags.

We think Joe Hoffman is our new favorite public official for artfully speaking truth to power.

Update: WMKT radio tweets about this blog post. 'Nother Update: The next library board meeting is August 25. 2022 at 5:00 pm.


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06 aug. 2022

We need to defund the library.

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