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Letters to the Editor

There were, this past month, a couple of point-on letters-to-the editor that were published in the Petoskey News-Review and that were written by John Calabrese.

Here's one on 'lying' Adam Schiff. And here's the other one on "election deniers."

[Media] money quote from letter one: "Schiff, aided by his friends in the media, actively promoted a false story related to the Steele Dossier. This document was thoroughly discredited and found to be false. Fake, made up, lies."

[Media] money quote from letter two: "The media’s predictable fixation on only one party when it comes to this topic is not a surprise."

Read them both! They are crisp and accurate.

And, Mr. Calabrese, you should consider applying for a columnist gig at the PNR.



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