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Legislation: Criminalize Irreversible Sex-Change Procedures

State Rep. Neil Friske, MI-107, continues to impress!

He is one of the co-sponsors for a group of relevant bills that tackle the issue of gender-transition surgeries and procedures for minors.

We've highlighted one (pictured) of the bills - HB 4257 (2023).

Gender-transition procedures and surgeries are neither safe nor beneficial for kids and teens many of whom can't even obtain a learner's permit or give informed consent.

Please thank Rep. Friske (and the other sponsors) with a quick note or phone call. This legislation can save many of our young people from physical and psychological harm.



Mar 13, 2023

I'm so glad Friske is proactive on this issue! These "gender re-assigment" surgeries and hormones make life-long patients out of otherwise healthy young people! No one can change their gender, but children especially should be protected from making such a harmful and life ng mistake.


Mar 13, 2023

WOW. This kind of thing is nobody's business, plus it only is relevant to about 3 people in all fo Michigan. Why isn't Rep Friske working on real actual problems? Why isn't he focused on economic development, clean water, education, infrastructure, etc.? Cripe.

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