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Just Vote "NO"

Tomorrow, Tuesday May 3rd, is the day that some Emmet County voters will be casting ballots for/against bond proposals/millages to local Government Indoctrination Centers (i.e. schools). The Char-Em, Harbor Springs, and Pellston districts are seeking more funding to continue to 'arrange deck chairs on the Titanic.'

None of the $42 million demanded by school board trustees in Harbor Springs actually goes to educating their students ... capital 'improvements' only (e.g. a new elementary school, better pool access, artificial turf for the football field). But who could say 'no'? It's for the children, after all! Really?

Pellston 'needs' $25 million for security, tech, and building maintenance, not for English, math, science, or social studies. Char-Em ISD is seeking a $6 million increase (on top of their baseline $18 million) for the next four year, inclusive. The purposes: more job training, higher teacher pay, and improved transportation.

Will any of our so-called schools ever be held accountable for their continued underachieving? Every year - more money, less learning. Fuzzy math, indeed.



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