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Is Emmet a Permit-Crazed County?

ERG was just made aware, by a concerned taxpayer, of a post on Emmet County Helping Hands - a popular network of community support. Please read the entire post, but here's the gist from the Facebook poster: "I received a violation letter from the person who commented saying that they are aware of plumbing that has been performed in my house. It's hard to be in violation when the work hasn't been done, and I don't have a plumber yet to do it."

Apparently this very troubling overreach of government came from the Emmet County Building Dept.

We hope that the Board of Commissioners and the County Administrator and the Construction Resources Committee investigate, and craft policy tweaks, if need be, about the permitting and fee process. This is hardly the first complaint on the matter.


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08 ago 2023

That's pretty scary! I hope this gets dealt with promptly!

Me gusta
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