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Iron Pig Smokehouse v. Health Dept. of NW Michigan

The proprietors of the Iron Pig Smokehouse restaurant - located in downtown Gaylord - filed a lawsuit last week in Otsego County against the Health Department of Northwest Michigan.

According to the Midwesterner: "At issue is the agency’s enforcement of the state’s emergency public health orders, which were determined unconstitutional by the Michigan Supreme Court in October 2020. The plaintiffs are seeking a declaratory judgment stating that the state persisted in issuing emergency public health orders under the Michigan Public Health Code, which violated the 2020 Supreme Court ruling.

Court documents filed by Iron Pig’s attorney David M. Delaney include four counts of the health department acting outside its delegated constitutional authority and one count alleging the state agencies violated vesting clauses in the Michigan Constitution."

Ian Murphy, owner of the Iron Pig, has been an outspoken critic of Gretchen Whitmer's unconstitutional lockdown mandates from the get-go. Now it appears he's ready to do more battle with the local health dept. Here's the full text of the complaint.

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