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Illegal Immigration Gets Noticed

This past week two candidates (that we know of) acknowledged that illegal immigration is worth mentioning in their campaigns. And, yes. We are a state/region that is far from the southwest sector of our country, but the problems at our open border are steadily trickling into the interior and the Great Lakes states. TSA, for instance, has acknowledged that they have allowed hundreds of illegals to board U.S. flights using arrest warrants as an ID. Outrageous!!

First, Garrett Soldano, GOP gubernatorial candidate released a hard-hitting video about drug trafficking hurting Michigan families. Watch it here. Money quote: "In Biden's America, it's easier to find fentanyl than baby formula."

Second, Parker Fairbairn, GOP MI 107 house candidate, sent out the mailer pictured. Or, more accurately, the Great Lakes Education Project sent it out on Parker's behalf. Note the nod to stop illegal immigration.

This is a HUGE issue for all of US especially those of us who champion responsible government. Conservative candidates are right to campaign against the Biden Border Chaos.

P.S. Please visit this website. It's updated daily.



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