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Housing Project: Northmen Oaks Drive

If you don't get to Petoskey High School much, either by foot or by car or by bike, you may be interested in learning that there's a cul-de-sac currently being constructed off Northmen Drive near Klondike Ave and across the street from Genesis Church.

The site (which was for sale for a long time) contains 2.5 acres and will feature 10 single-family homes.

Pictured is the proposed site plan.

The City of Petoskey has "an agreement with the developer to accept this new road as a City road," according to the Administration.

This particular project is not categorized as "affordable housing."


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Deb McNamara
Deb McNamara
Apr 12, 2023

We need affordable horsing here. What is wrong with the city leaders who keep allowing this nonsense.

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