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Hit Piece on Kristina Karamo, But Hard Pass on Scrutinizing Jocelyn Benson

A couple of 'crack' Detroit News political reporters wrote an 'investigative article' about GOP Secretary of State candidate Kristina Karamo. Kristina wisely declined to be interviewed for the piece, but that did not deter Craig Mauger and Beth LeBlanc from weighing in on her past employment, Christian views, and even her custody battles. Part of their research involved listening to hours of a podcast she used to host.


But, nevertheless, this type of journalism is both unfair and troubling. It's certainly ok for the media to report and scrutinize the views of candidates. That's their job. But it's not ok that the current Democrat, who is Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, does not merit such extensive scrutiny. For instance: Why don't Mr. Mauger and Ms. LeBlanc examine Benson's deep ties to the Southern Poverty Law Center? The SPLC's smear merchants have slandered the Family Research Council, Federation for American Immigration Reform, and the Ruth Institute as "hate groups," but they never make a peep about ANTIFA or BLM or groups that support open borders.

Bottom line: The vastly wealthy SPLC is "pro-criminal."

Here's an excellent article, from the alternative media, that does a deep dive into the SPLC and Benson. Well worth your time.

After reading, ask yourself what prevents the Michigan elite media from publishing such an expose?


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Dixon Harvey Dudderar
Dixon Harvey Dudderar
12 de out. de 2022

“Hit Piece?” How is the reporting a “hit piece” if “… Kristina (‘wisely?’) declined to be interviewed for the piece?” “Wisely?” So the author, and Big Lie Karamo, can call the fact-based reporting a “hit piece” by self-censoring? Is the pot calling the kettle black here?

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