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Harbor Light Publishes Mindless Column

Recently, former Emmet County Commissioner (and undocumented Democrat) Charlie MacInnis penned a self-referencing column for the Harbor Light newspaper titled “Mindlessness” in which he impugned some of the current commissioners, berated the new Emmet County board members of the Health Department of Northwest Michigan, championed a Buddhist-style ‘mindfulness’ curriculum for elementary school students, and generally, disrespectfully, miscategorized an assortment of motions, votes, and discussions conducted by these two boards.

ERG is mindful of a few of his assertions in the column which barely touch on the truth …

1) Contrary to the columnist’s claim, when an “Otsego County Commissioner” learned that a health dept. staff member was working on a grant to teach ‘mindfulness’ in the public schools, he did not “go nuts,” nor did anyone propose or vote on a “mindless and nutty motion.” The motion was discussed and passed in a proper and deliberative manner.

2) During the discussion and voting on the above-mentioned motion, only one board member was "frantic" and mean-spirited, calling the motion “stupid” – the columnist himself. (Watch the video to confirm, starting at the 2:01 mark.) Also, during the vote on that motion, the other representative from Emmet County - Matt Koontz - said, “I am ashamed of being a part of this body.” (Now, that’s a very good reason to not appoint him again!)

3) Our public schools need more academics taught (including math, science, writing, history, geography, and so forth), not ‘mindfulness,’ as the columnist insisted. He erroneously asserted that the exercise is merely about students “being quiet.” If so, why the need for a $100,000 grant to fund it? To learn more on ‘mindfulness,’ please go here. Talk about being uninformed!

4) No one was “yanked” from the HD of Northwest Michigan board. Following an open discussion, in a fully transparent manner, the Emmet County Board of Commissioners selected two new members to represent Emmet on the health board. The vote was 4-3. It’s noteworthy that when the columnist referenced Commissioner Koontz, he used ‘Matt,’ but when referencing Commissioner Ginop, he used ‘Ginop.’

5) At the September meeting in Charlevoix, contrary to the columnist’s assertion, there was no “near riot,” but only a good many Americans robustly speaking their minds about mandates and lockdowns, in opposition to the decisions of the health board. They showed up!

Columns like this one, which distort the truth and words and actions of elected officials, remind some Emmet County residents of the mindlessness of one former commissioner turned columnist.

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