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Ex-Commissioner, NCMC President Tussle with Line 5 Protestors

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

7/2/23 Update: Here's a video of the fracas.

Last week, during the North Central Michigan College's luncheon series, hosted by former Emmet County Commissioner Charlie MacInnis and attended by NCMC President David Roland Finley, chaos ensued.

The purpose of the June 22nd luncheon, held at the library conference center, was to have an Enbridge spokesperson address the public about the proposed Line 5 tunnel. (There is a $15 fee to attend each event.)

But things turned surreal when several 'Shut Down Line 5' protestors disrupted the lecture, and luncheon attendees clashed with the enviros.

The Native News Online explains the video footage: "In one video, NCMC President David Roland Finley is seen struggling with a protester as he tries to rip the banner away from the protester's hands.

In a second video, provided by NCMC, former Emmet County Commissioner Charlie MacInnis can be also seen trying to take the banner away and physically pushing protestors back toward the hallway.

MacInnis is seen later in the video grabbing protestor John Woodward by the arms and holding him back while another bystander grabs Woodward under the arms and physically shoves him into the hallway."

Video was also provided, by Woodward, to Interlochen Public Radio (IPR) and the Traverse City Record-Eagle that, according to IPR, shows "the two groups scuffling."

MacInnis went on the record stating: "There was no opportunity to ask them to leave, they burst in and started yelling, they were not civil, they were not appropriate."

A press release was posted on Twitter (pictured) by the Anishinaabek Caucus of the MI Democratic Party calling for Finley's firing, as well as describing the injuries incurred by an "Indigenous water protector" named Kyle.

ERG will post relevant updates to this story. Perhaps the Petoskey News-Review and the Harbor Light News will get around to reporting on it?


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Lou Zako
Lou Zako
Jun 30, 2023

This appears to be another example of the crazy, radical left's idea of "peaceful" protest. Undoubtedly, the Left believes that the only free speech is that which mirrors their speech. Civility in public discourse has gone with the wind!

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