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Establishment vs. Grassroots

We received this invite to a Tudor Dixon fundraising event that is being hosted at the home of one of our area's well-known and (sometimes) controversial property developers.

Note the cocktail party's donation levels; ergo why the fancy 'donor class' has more power, in influencing politicians and policy, than the blue-collar folks often do. The donor classes, who rarely mingle with the foot soldiers, also tend to be more socially liberal and more economically-oriented than are the 'deplorables.' The latter are more likely to champion pro-life causes or be concerned about election fraud or 2A rights.

And, so, public officials becoming beholden to the wealthy establishment instead of the people (that elected them) has become the never-ending conundrum for the GOP. A tale of two parties and all that.

While we can't do much about big money in politics, we grassroots activists can remain vocal vigilant watchdogs (as ERG is doing), when our elected officials get too big for their britches.

Bark, bark!


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Aug 26, 2022

Well said!

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