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ERG Hosts Evening w/Jack Bergman

Jack Bergman, who serves as the Republican U.S. Representative for MI-01 and is in his fourth term of office, spoke last night in Harbor Springs at a well-attended event (for a Friday night in late August!) that was hosted by Emmet Responsible Government.

The focused crowd asked cordial but pointed questions about vaccine mandates, his voting record on various government watchdog scorecards, Ukraine, election integrity, and military readiness.

When asked about his whereabouts on J6 he said he was in the Capitol building but had no further comment.

Congressman Bergman, who serves on the House Armed Services Committee and is a retired Lt. General/USMC, was also queried about his support for funding for Ukraine in its war against the Russian invasion.

He explained that the second toughest thing he's ever done is to go into combat and the toughest thing he's done is to send others. Added the Congressman, "I'm not going to send anyone from our troops [to eastern Europe]. It's not a simple black or white, yes or no," signaling that he was prepared to vote for further security assistance if need be.

On a more localized note, the Congressman made clear his support for states' rights and the Tenth Amendment.

ERG appreciates the give-and-take of the evening and hopes Rep. Bergman found it fruitful and ponders the meaning of "consent of the governed" in a fresh way.



Oct 09, 2023

Was this meeting in Georgia where Mr. Bergman actually lives? Or did he deign to make an appearance in our District?


Aug 26, 2023

Still supporting Ukraine…what a tool. MIC depends on these types.

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