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Emmet County is Pink, Blue, Pink

Emmet County, Michigan used to be Red! Red! Red! What happened? Well, Petoskey happened; Harbor Springs happened; Bear Creek Township is happening. (In case you didn’t know, BCT1 voted for Whitmer, Nessel, Benson, and Decker!). Other townships are happening, also. Sadly! Now we are Pink! Blue! Pink!

Many political pundits are pontificating about the November 8th elections, and ERG will do the same analyzing the numbers. We have many reasons to be disappointed, disillusioned, and discouraged. But let us not become dissuaded, disengaged, or disaffected. The battle for responsible government wages on.

Take nothing for granted. Most of our County is in play. We need to learn lessons and move forward with confidence that our beliefs, in limited government and freedom, are good and right, and that we can make a difference.

Our next County Commission should give us hope and get us started. Congrats to Misters Ginop (64%), Gutowski (62%), Laughbaum (60%), and Mapes (55%), all commissioners-elect. We challenge Commissioners White (58%) and Ahrens (ran unopposed) to govern like Republicans, voting for lower taxes and less for 'feel-good' programs that are not mandated.

Also elected: Misters Bergman (60%), Damoose (58%), and Friske (55%). Emmet showed its pinkness in statewide races: Dixon (51%), Karamon (51%), and DePerno (52%).

A deep dive into the numbers. Just how blue is Petoskey? Well, after holding out for a couple of elections, Ward 3 has joined 1, 2, and 4 in the azure world. Ward 2 is the deepest blue, with Whitmer at 68% and Damoose at 38%. Prop 3 passed at 68%. Whitmer, Benson, and Nessel were only low 50s in Ward 3, but won there, nevertheless. They also won in Harbor Springs which has taken on a blue hue lately too, at least in state-wide races. There Props 1, 2, and 3 all passed, easily. And the liberals running for Mayor and City Council all sailed to victory, as did the Public Safety millage.

And surprise! Bear Creek Township Precinct 1 gave Whitmer, Nessel, and Benson the nod, while passing all three proposals. Even Friske lost to Decker! What’s up with BCT1? Fortunately, BCT2 overshadowed 1, holding the red line firmly. Even Prop 3 failed there!

Also, surprisingly, Readmond Township split the vote evenly for governor, AG, and SOS. On the brink, there! All 3 Props passed easily, too. Same for the props in Pleasantview and Resort.

On the bright side, Friendship and Maple River defeated all 3 props, and in Bliss, Carp Lake, Springvale, and McKinley props 2 and 3 went down. Littlefield, Center, and Cross Village voted against Prop 3. (But how did Benson win Cross Village?)

In a stroke of sanity, Petoskey voters said ‘NO’ to recreational marijuana by 55%. And by way of insanity, Harbor Springs’ public education voters missed a golden opportunity by keeping Tom Varner off the school board. They don’t get it!

Overall, only 62% of Emmet’s registered voters cast their votes. Considering what was at stake, that seems low.

Conclusion? Remain alert.

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