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East Lansing Commissars Eager to Protect Illegals

Although hardly anything has been said [in northern Michigan] about the topic of immigration during this election cycle, it's still an issue given that MI is a border state. And given that the 'friends of illegal aliens,' in other parts of our state, care little about the safety and well-being of others.

East Lansing, for instance, is considering becoming a "sanctuary" city for illegals. Big mistake. ICE needs assists from local law enforcement to better enforce immigration laws, and keep criminal aliens off the streets.

Never forget. The vivacious Kate Steinle would still be alive, if she had lived in a rule-of-law city instead of the 'sanctuary' of San Francisco.

If you don't understand what becoming a sanctuary city involves, here's an easy-to-follow explanation. President Trump tried to put an end to this lawlessness by withholding grants to cities that withheld information about the undocumented.



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