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Dear Val Meyerson

Due to this newsletter from Petoskey District Library Director Val Meyerson, Emmet County resident Tom Banks penned a strong rebuttal. (See below.) Among other things, Ms. Meyerson argues in her letter that, "Educating people that racism exists in all of us does no harm."

What a laughable and alarming statement. This librarian presumes to know what is in all people's hearts. And how does Val define "racism," anyway? Via a narrow, leftist, anti-Christian lens? And why is a public employee insulting the taxpayers who pay her salary?

In the spirit of free speech and inquiry, we publish Tom's response (with a few cosmetic edits). We also note that he sent the letter to the local newspaper, and it was not published in the LTE section even with cosmetic edits.

Dear Val,

It is with much consternation that I reply to your LETTER for Fall of 2021 from your Petoskey District Library Newsletter and the nauseating American Library Association's (ALA) ninth code of ethnics. You lecture us like we are children in need of your guidance and instruction.

I find your arrogance almost unbelievable. Your assumptions and conclusions are nothing short of an attempt indoctrinate and force us to agree with your prejudices. You make it your aim to "remove biases from our thought process." Who made you the unbiased one? Then you admit you are racist (as it in all of us, you say). You are not our conscience, our rabbi, nor our master. You need to carry out your job function in the narrowest and most inoffensive way possible. You need to retract your propaganda and allow everyone to read, think, and speak without your interference (training, collection audits, and programming reviews).

Promoting diversity is nothing more than normalizing ... immoral sexual behavior. Working toward equity is code for taking private property, since some have more than others and inclusion is the opportunity to exclude those with whom you disagree. What you are promoting is dangerous and the progressive path to tyranny. This may be too much for you to understand. You need to stay out of other people's business and stop using your position to push an offensive destructive agenda. Also, I would encourage THE PETOSKEY DISTRICT LIBRARY to disassociate from the ALA.

Thank you and have a nice day,

Tom Banks



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