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Deadlock: Never-ending Speaker Vote

As proponents of responsible government - local, state, and federal - we've been riveted by the drama in the House chamber over who will be the GOP Speaker of the House, an extraordinarily powerful position.

As of this writing, Rep. Kevin McCarthy, of California, the main contender, has lost 11 times! And so far, the patriotic holdouts have done a stellar job, in the nominating speeches for an opposing candidate(s), of championing conservative values - e.g. a secure border, releasing the J-6 files, energy independence, decrying inflation (and its impact on the middle classes), leadership, and pushing back against the 'business as usual' mentality of DC.

McCarthy, while he may have his strengths, is not a reliable constitutionalist. Take for instance the lifetime voting record/score of Rep. Byron Donalds, of Florida, (one of the reps that the opponents of McCarthy have championed) on the Freedom Index which rates members of Congress on their adherence to constitutional principles of limited government - e.g. avoiding foreign entanglements, fiscal responsibility. Donalds' score is 93. McCarthy's score is 60.

Consider: 93/100 v. 60/100.

McCarthy, some have argued is more beholden to special interests and sympathetic to the World Economic Forum than is Donalds. Based on affiliations, loyalty to American sovereignty, and votes, McCarthy is more of a Uniparty type.

As of this writing, we can't predict if McCarthy will get the 218 votes. But we do appreciate that a real debate has unfolded on the House floor.


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06 gen 2023

Would love to see Byron Donalds as speaker!!

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