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Cut, Cut, Cut ...

So, Commissioner Rich Ginop and friends have the audacity to - responsibly - not support frivolous, redundant grant requests instead of acting like rubber stampers to cater to every whim of the Health Dept. of Northwest Michigan.

May their tribe increase. In fact, may these commissioners borrow a page from the Ottawa County's finance committee's long game.

News Channel 3 notes: "In a string of posts made Tuesday on X, formerly known as Twitter, the Ottawa County Public Health Department account railed against a request to cut its 2024 fiscal year budget proposal for operations from nearly $4.8 million to $2.5 million for general fund contributions."

And, "County commissioners supporting the health department budget cuts want to bring spending back to levels before the COVID-19 pandemic response."

That's what we're talking about, Ottawa!

Photo: screenshot of Ottawa County finance committee meeting



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