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Cry Me a River, Cam

MI State Rep. Cam Cavitt, MI-106, who is part of the Bergman Political Complex, recently issued a press release (pictured) explaining why he voted against the FY 2025 budget.

While he complained about all the pork the Democrats loaded in it, he also explains that the 2 measly budget requests for his district - bridge repairs and a housing project - were "rejected outright" by the plundering Democrats who run the joint. Natch.

ERG notes that due to his voting, last year, to seat Joe Tate as House Speaker, Cavitt was given a plum spot on the House Appropriations Committee. Likely he had swamp fever dreams of bringing home the bacon, or, at least, the bacon bits to his rural district.

Cavitt, at the end of his statement, also complains about the big handouts going to illegals in the budget. When Rep. Josh Schriver was removed from his committee assignments by Speaker Tate over the 'Great Replacement' Twitter flap, Cavitt never defended Schriver's right to express his opinion and draw attention to the ongoing invasion of criminal aliens.

Anyhoo, ERG brings up this legislative dustup (that involves another district) to remind readers that Rep. Neil Friske's opponent, Parker Fairbairn, complains frequently that Friske has no committee assignments. Quotes: "We do not have a state representative who does the work of a state representative," and "You have to be advocating for dollars to be spent up in our district. Period."

How'd that 'strategic leadership' work out for Cam Cavitt, Parker?

ProTip for PF: Maybe also campaign on reducing the size and scope of state government? Protecting rights? Like, a real Republican should?



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