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Communist Chinese Squatting in the Heartland?

Tudor Dixon has been making the rounds on the media to expose the Chinese-owned company, Gotion Inc., and their Communist Chinese Party agenda.

The electric vehicle battery plant would be located in the Big Rapids area and has received a pledge of $715 million worth of taxpayer dollars from the Michigan Strategic Fund (MSF).

Part of this company's bylaws, as reported by The Midwesterner, includes strengthening the "construction of (CCP) organization and party members at the grassroots level of the Company."

Hmmm. Does anyone detect a pattern here? First the Marshall plant, now this?

What does this say about these unelected entities at the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) who are spending enormous amounts of taxpayer monies without the consent of the governed?

It's all about growth and jobs, right? Wrong.

Tudor points out many of the jobs in the plant in Big Rapids would go to Chinese nationals who would be housed at Ferris State. And how economically sustainable is an electric battery plant, anyway?

This is a hot mess. Our leadership is 100% responsible for it. Who will hold them accountable?



Tom Banks
Tom Banks
Mar 24, 2023

There are many problems with this effort on several levels. Supporting the expansion of the Chinese Communist party is certainly the most concerning. Selling out our nation and its core beliefs to those with the mindset to enslave us as they enslave their own people exposes Whitmer as an opportunist lacking in understanding of what it means to be an American. She would have us serve the communists. They will be in charge of American lives, jobs and America's future. Sellout. My second level of criticism is the whole premise that there is a future in this gross expansion of electric vehicles and market for these these automotive batteries. An electric automotive future is grossly exaggerated. This business enter…


Lou Zako
Lou Zako
Mar 23, 2023

We need more articulate conservative leaders like Tudor Dixon to speak out against the relentless effort of the radical left to destroy our Nation.

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