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Commissioner/Farmer Opposes Nutrition Education Grant

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

Antrim Commissioner Jarris Rubingh (pictured) is also a dairy farmer and serves on the Board of Health of the Health Dept. of Northwest Michigan. He is also on the Program and Evaluation Committee of the Board of Health.

In that committee capacity, he forcefully expressed his opposition (by citing 12 reasons) to a two-year culinary training and nutrition education grant - the 2023 Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyles Initiative. Not on diet or malnourishment grounds, but on philosophical and ideological grounds as to who is the beneficiary of the grant.

Reasons 1-7 are posted below.

Commissioner Rubingh argues that the Groundwork Center for Resilient Communities, for whom the grant is earmarked, advocates for climate change and Critical Race Theory among other tiring lefty causes.

The Commissioner is right to be concerned, opposed, and vigilant in exposing this WOKE nonsense. If only more of our elected officials were this articulate and forthcoming. We encourage Emmet County officials to use the reasoning in his missive - especially about government overreach - as a blueprint.

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