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College Trustees: Investigate Lunch Lecture Imbroglio

This morning, the North Central Michigan College Board of Trustees held a special meeting to decide whether to proceed with an independent investigation of college president David Finley's role in a tussle with Line 5 protestors.

The scuffle, which occurred last month, took place during a lunchtime lecture (at the college) in which a speaker from Enbridge was invited to present information about the tunnel. (More on that here.)

Before the Board adjourned to closed session, they heard public comment from college employees and community members. The Petoskey New-Review features video from 'both sides.' ERG, who was at this morning's meeting, encourages readers to watch the videos, and read the article by Annie Doyle. (Ms. Doyle is one the newspaper's fairer reporters.)

Dean Christy Lyons spoke at the meeting and attended the now controversial luncheon. Lyons said she was "frightened" by the five people (i.e. the protestors) who burst in to the room yelling chants about Line 5.

"Some of them had face masks, some had backpacks, and they were carrying metal poles. They immediately approached the speaker [Paul Meneghini] and ripped the microphone from his hands. I was frightened by what was happening and what could potentially happen," she stated.

Dean Lyons ended her remarks by noting, "In this room there was nowhere to hide, there was nowhere to run to; so some people in the room chose to fight." The 'run, hide, and fight' advice was used at Michigan State, in a text message, during the February mass shooting.

There's much about this imbroglio that remains murky, so further examination by a third party seems entirely appropriate. As for the NCMC Trustees? They voted - unanimously - to proceed with such an investigation.

Dr. Finley told UpNorthLive that he welcomes "the findings of an independent investigation - this will help us all move forward."

Photo: This morning's meeting at the NCMC library conference center



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