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Charlie Kirk: "This is sadistic!"

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Popular pundit Charlie Kirk, the founder of Turning Point USA, just did a podcast about MI AG Dana Nessel charging 16 MIGOP electors with election law and forgery felonies.

In case you missed the shocking news, here's the press release from Nessel's office. She has achieved a new low weaponizing her office, Orwell-style, to target a group of peaceful Americans ages 55 and up, while violent car jackings in Detroit are up.

Kirk's commentary on the Michigan 16 starts at the 5:00 mark. It gets a little wonky regarding the 'alternate elector theory' portion (which there is legal precedent for), but otherwise it's fiery. Marian Sheridan, one of those charged and a MAGA grandma, explained in 2020 that this was a BACKUP slate of electors not a replacement. An important distinction.

Kirk relevantly ties the situation in MI to Donald Trump's current candidacy and past presidency and the goal of pursuing an 'indictment in a key state.'

Finally Kirk inserts a spiritual note in the podcast, as does one of our ERG founders who opines that, "The Left has been playing their version of the 'long game' for quite some time ... but God has a much longer 'game.'"

Sidebar: The MIGOP has released a statement regarding Nessel, etc. And the Kent County GOP has published this letter of support for the MI 16 (Will the Emmet County Republican Party follow suit?):

Photo: From Wikipedia, Charlie Kirk



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