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Canvassers' Board Rejects Abortion-on-Demand Proposal

Good news for the pro-life cause!

Yesterday, the MI Board of State Canvassers rejected putting a proposed constitutional amendment, that was aimed at enshrining "abortion rights" in the state constitution, on the November ballot.

According to UpNorthLive, " ... the two Republican board members voted against putting the proposed constitutional amendment on the November ballot. The two Democrats ... voted in favor, but getting the measure on the ballot required at least three votes of the four-member board."

The battle for protecting the preborn is hardly over; the proponents of the Reproductive Freedom for All proposal will likely appeal the Canvassers' decision to the left-leaning Michigan Supreme Court.

Please visit Faith2Action/MI for more information. If the proposal passes it will terminate parental rights and end late-term abortion bans. Several important state laws are at risk!

Please pray, too.


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02 sept 2022

Prayer is our best weapon in this issue!

Me gusta
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