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Ranville Responds to Blog about Damoose Film Company

Republican George Ranville (pictured), MI State Senate candidate for District 37, has responded to our request for information about the claim he made on his campaign mailer that John Damoose's documentary endeavor, 45 North Productions, is "left-leaning." Rep. Damoose is one of Ranville's opponents, in the state senate race, and touts "conservative principles."

(Here's the blog post we published on this topic of 'labels.')

The weighty email Mr. Ranville wrote to ERG, follows. It is, in our opinion, worth serious consideration.

George Ranville statement: Besides the 45 North video productions you mentioned - these videos need to be included to get a fuller picture of who 45 North worked with.

45 North Productions created tribute videos for the following:

Joe Lieberman

John McCain

Leon Panetta

Mike Mullen (Obama’s Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff) “The greatest threat to the USA is our debt,” said Mullen when asked about China.

Susan Collins

Joe Manchin

I also have a screenshot list of tributes produced by 45 North, before it was taken down, which included Dianne Feinstein and Al Gore.

These were all done by 45 North for the “Center for the Study of Presidency and Congress” – a liberal globalist non-profit, that is far from conservative. In fact, it is mild to call them only “left leaning.” They are very far from America First. They are Blackrock. They are WEF.

I am not lying by pointing out that these left-wing political tributes were made by 45 North Productions. I’m being accurate. Our staff has researched this, and much of what 45 North did was taken down including their website. Why?

I am like most of you at ERG, and can barely stomach the idea of ever talking to Leon Panetta or Ash Carter. Or, globalist Ben Bernanke.



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