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Call to Action: Gotion Battery Plant

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

The battle to stop the Gotion, Inc. EV battery factory plant (to be possibly located) in the Big Rapids area has just begun.

As its ties to Communist China are scrutinized, as Bridge Michigan reports, there are many questions, from many Michigan taxpayers, about national security and the whopping amount of incentives the company has been offered.

From Bridge: " ... some residents and observers who continue to criticize the deal, which includes promises of $715 million of state funding in the form of $540 million in tax breaks and $175 million from the $1.6 billion Strategic Outreach and Attraction Reserve (SOAR) fund for large-scale Michigan business projects.

All told, the company was offered $1.14 billion in incentives, or about 48 percent of the project’s estimated costs. The figure includes state and local costs and at least $50 million from utilities Consumers Energy and ITC Michigan."

Meanwhile, the anti-CCP grassroots is spearheading an effort to get a YUGE crowd to the next public meeting (graphic pictured).

Even if you can't attend, perhaps you know someone (in that part of the state) who can. If so, please alert them to this Call to Action.

Sometimes it takes a village - we the people - to make government accountable and responsible.

Update: The meeting has been cancelled. It will, instead, be held virtually.



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