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At NCMC: Candidate Forum

The Petoskey and Charlevoix Chambers of Commerce will be hosting a forum for state candidates this coming Monday. (Details on the banner at the left.) Reasons to go:

1) The forum will attract a wide cross- section of the community and 2) Republicans will have a chance to hear from the Democrats running and vice-versa and 3) it's being held in Emmet County.

Reasons to boycott the forum: The Chamber is not the pro-free-enterprise-merely-an- organization-championing-small-business it once was. For instance, the Michigan Chamber is on board with the DEI agenda.

Now take a peek at the Twitter feed (language advisory) of the president of the Petoskey chamber

Ms. Devitt is pro-mask and pro-BLM. Very much so. At the County level, she is a HUGE advocate for the transit authority.

You decide whether the candidate forum is worth your time. Or not.



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